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Our kratom powder is available in the following sizes: 10g, 30g, 90g, 180g, and 360g. Every bag of finely-milled, high-quality powder is ready to support your kratom routine. Please see below for more information on each strain of kratom. 

  • Chocolate Borneo may help provide pain relief, physical comfort and for some the ability to focus coupled with a strong sense of full body tranquility.
  • Dark Green Borneo may provide strong effects of energy, focus and elevation.
  • Dark Brown Bantuagie may provide a blissful and tranquil feeling, enhancing relaxation and boosting mood. This makes it one of the best for curbing physical discomfort.
  • Green Borneo has solid focus properties, gives the ability to concentrate and may also provide energy and pain relief.
  • Green Dragon may provide energy, blissful feelings and a strong mood boost. This strain is also popular for curbing physical discomfort.
  • Green Horned Maeng Da is a very rare strain and may help provide a strong boost of energy while also helping relieve pain.
  • Green Sumatra may provide a sense of balanced energy and feelings of calm. Some individuals experience relaxation with this strain as well.
  • Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan may offer mood elevation as well as energy and relaxation.
  • Mixed Maeng Da may provide a perfect combination of energy, clear minded relaxation & pain relief. This is a great beginner strain.
  • Red Borneo may provide strong pain relief and the ability to focus without making you too drowsy.
  • Red Dragon is a rich red strain. It may provide strong full body relaxation effects and is often taken in less dosages than other red strains. It is a great pain reliever and taken for curbing physical discomfort.
  • Red Horned Maeng Da may provide a strong sense of tranquility while offering powerful pain relief.
  • Red Sumatra provides a feeling of calm, a boost in mood and strong relaxation. This strain is popular for unwinding in the evenings.
  • Super Indo may offer strong mood enhancing and pain relieving effects along with increased energy.
  • White Borneo may provide a stronger pain relieving and relaxing effect with the ability to focus and improve your mood, motivation and handle stress.
  • White Dragon is a Malay strain that may provide both full body relaxation and mild pain relieving effects.
  • White Horned Maeng Da is often used for pain relief and may also provide energy and relaxation.
  • White Sumatra may provide feelings of relaxation and a large mood boost. Great to help you unwind in the evening or use as a sleep aid.
  • Yellow Borneo is a rare strain that may provide feelings of happiness, a strong clear minded energy, and body relaxation. Great as a mood booster or for anxiety.
  • Yellow Gold may give off a strong sense of full body tranquility. Great for stressful days and keeping you elevated and motivated without too much energy.