About Us


Korthals' Collection is named after the Dutch botanist Pieter Willem Korthals who gave the scientific name to the kratom plant “mitragyna” as its leaf is shaped like a bishop’s mitre (pointed hat). We pair Korthals with Collection to show the careful curation of each product, strain, or extract.


We understand kratom’s history and strive to build an innovative future of premium products. Korthals Collection looks to the centuries of kratom heritage in Eastern Asian medicine for inspiration and continues to build on that knowledge. We understand science has evolved and, with it, we should evolve to bring these advancements to our customers. Korthals Collection not only offers traditional powders and capsules, but also innovative products such as edibles, beverages, extracts and water soluble tinctures.


Korthals' Collection sources only the highest-quality kratom for our products, which is tested multiple times before reaching customers. We are on the cutting edge of product innovation, finding new and convenient ways for customers to enjoy kratom. Trust and reliability allow our customers to purchase confidently with the assurance their products are always top quality, tested and true. 


We are committed to natural and organic kratom products and the practice of triple testing all kratom used. This allows for the curation of the highest-quality products presented to customers cleanly and simply.