What is Full Spectrum Extract? The Complete Guide

October 10 2023 – SEO Department

full spectrum extract

full spectrum extract

There are so many various cannabis products available these days, and it only goes to show how versatile cannabis can be. So, depending on what you're looking for and what you prefer, you have options like THC distillates, CBD tinctures, and RSO oil, to name a few. And guess what? You can include the Full spectrum in the list. It's like adding a new flavor to your ice cream collection!

You've probably heard of What is Full Spectrum Extract, though it may have gone by a few different names. Full spectrum meaning refers to the inclusion of all-natural cannabinoids and terpenes in a cannabis product. It is used to offer it as SFE Concentrate or SFE Oil, and some people name it CO2 oil, budder, or liquid batter. But let me break it down for you: Full Spectrum Extract is the ideal term because it encompasses everything that makes cannabis unique.

It is easy to use Full Spectrum Extract for any method of cannabis intake, including dabbing, smoking, vaping, or cooking. You only need a drop to get started! It's like getting the entire cannabis experience in a small bottle.

You claimed it was previously known as SFE Concentrate—what precisely does that mean?

You might have heard of SFE, which means supercritical fluid extraction. It's the fancy way they manufacture Full Spectrum Extract.

What's truly beautiful about this procedure is that no nasty chemicals are used. Instead, it uses carbon dioxide (the thing we expel) to extract all the beneficial components from the cannabis plant. It accomplishes this without the addition of any other materials or contaminants.

When they complete manufacturing the oil, it'll be like having a super-strong version of the cannabis flower. It's not just about the portion that gets you high (THC); it also has terpenes (which give it a distinct smell and taste) and some lesser-known cannabinoids.

Simply put, SFE is a powerful and natural method of extracting all the beneficial components from the cannabis plant into an oil. A full spectrum cartridge contains a wide range of cannabis compounds for a holistic experience.

What is Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil?

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil, often abbreviated as FSCO, is a cannabis-derived product renowned for its holistic approach to harnessing the potential benefits of cannabinoids. Unlike isolated CBD products, FSCO contains a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. This synergistic blend is believed to create an "entourage effect," where these components work together to enhance therapeutic effects. 

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil typically contains trace amounts of THC, within legal limits, which may offer additional therapeutic benefits. It has gained popularity for its potential to provide a more comprehensive and balanced wellness experience, catering to a diverse range of needs.

Full-spectrum THC oil contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including THC, providing a comprehensive cannabis experience.

How Should I Apply Full Spectrum Extract?

Full Spectrum Extracts (FSE) are cannabis products' Swiss Army knives. FSE can do it all, whether you like to smoke, dab, vape, or cook with cannabis. They are your one-stop cannabis shop.

The best thing is that FSEs are simple to use. Consider it like honey that flows easily from the flask and does not require heating. Once you have it, you can:

  1. Dab it: Full Spectrum Extracts are excellent for dabbing.
  2. Enhance your joint or blunt: For a better taste and stronger effects, apply a coating of FSE to your joint or blunt.
  3. Top off your bowl or bong: If you like bowls or bongs, FSE can help make your hits more pleasant.
  4. Vape it: Many people enjoy vaping, and FSE is vape pen-compatible.
  5. Cook with it: You can also use FSE in your cooking, but be cautious about how much you use and how you heat it.

We're very curious about your opinions! We continually experiment with various cannabis strains in our Full Spectrum Extract Collection. Purchase your favorite strains and let us know how you like to use them. Your suggestions enable us to improve our products even more for you. 

Is Full Spectrum Extract Similar to Other Concentrates or is it Unique?

Let us explain why Full Spectrum Extract is unique from other concentrates in simple terms.

Let's start with the oil itself. You know obtaining a THC distillate is equivalent to gaining only one component of the cannabis plant - the THC. However, Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) is a treasure trove! THC, THCa, various cannabinoids, and all those fragrant terpenes are all present. As a result, FSE extracts a lot more goodness from the cannabis plant than other approaches.

Now for the second unique feature of FSE. It allows you to create oils from specific cannabis strains. This is distinct from other distillates, which combine oils from various strains. So, with FSE, you get not just all of the plant's virtues, but also the distinct taste and flavor of a single strain.

Finally, let's discuss about texture. Some concentrations are as hard as rock and must be warmed before use. FSE, on the other hand, is more like honey - not as thick and gooey. It's less difficult to work with. But, like with all concentrates, you don't want to waste a drop, so use it with caution.

In conclusion, Full Spectrum Extract is unique since it is simpler to use, allows you to choose the flavor of your preferred strain, and extracts more beneficial compounds from the plant. Enjoy it, but exercise caution!

Does Full Spectrum Extract Have Greater Potency Compared to Other Concentrates?

You may be wondering why Full Spectrum Extract appears to be different from other cannabis concentrates. It's not necessarily stronger; it's just manufactured differently.

Full Spectrum Extract contains many aspects of the cannabis plant, like THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. This makes it provide a more complete and rich experience compared to something like THC distillate. It even smells and tastes just like the original flower it came from. If you've got a sharp palate, you'll notice it has the same flavor as the strain it was made from.

Full Spectrum Extract is a treasure trove of cannabis plant goodness. THC, additional cannabis chemicals, and terpenes are found therein. When compared to pure THC extract, it provides a more comprehensive and strong experience.

Simply put, Full Spectrum Extract provides a broader and fuller cannabis experience by preserving all of the plant's inherent components. It's like experiencing the entire orchestra of flavors and effects, just like the genuine cannabis flower. If you've ever felt like other cannabis products were lacking something, Full Spectrum Extract could be the missing piece you've been looking for.

Do You Wish To Experience the Potent Power of Full Spectrum Extract?

YES!! Check out the quality collection of Full Spectrum Extracts at Korthal’s Collection. In the realm of natural remedies and holistic wellness, Full Spectrum Extracts stand as a testament to the remarkable potential of botanical treasures. As we've explored, these extracts encompass the full range of beneficial compounds found in plants, offering a symphony of healing properties that can address a multitude of health concerns. 

Whether you seek relief from pain or simply wish to elevate your overall well-being, Full Spectrum Extracts have proven their worth. By harnessing the synergy of nature's elements, these extracts have the potential to unlock a healthier, more vibrant you. So, if you yearn for a holistic approach to wellness, take the plunge and experience the potent power of Full Spectrum Extracts today. Your well-being awaits.