Unlocking the Magic of Kratom: Innovative Kratom Beverages

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Unlocking the Magic of Kratom: Innovative Kratom Beverages

Unlocking the Magic of Kratom: Innovative Kratom Beverages

In the world of botanicals, few plants have stirred as much controversy and intrigue as kratom. Hailing from the dense forests of Southeast Asia, kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures for its potential properties. From kratom soda to kratom kava tonics, these kratom beverages are unlocking their full potential in the beverage industry. In this blog, we will learn more about kratom infused beverages and their origins, effects, & benefits.

The Rise of Kratom Beverages:

Kratom, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse alkaloid profile, has long been preferred by people for enhancing well-being. However, its bitter taste and gritty texture have been deterrents for many people. Recognizing the need for more palatable options, the market has witnessed a surge in kratom beverages that offer a convenient and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of it.

Exploring the Various Kratom Beverages

With the ever-expanding landscape of kratom beverages, the possibilities for innovation are endless. From kratom tea drinks to kratom iced tea, kratom seltzers to kratom kava drinks, the market is brimming with creative concoctions waiting to be discovered. Learn more about kratom drinks here:

1) Kratom Soda

One of the most exciting innovations among kratom-infused beverages is the introduction of kratom soda. Combining the refreshing fizz of soda with the subtle bitterness of kratom, these beverages provide a delightful alternative for those seeking a more flavorful kratom experience. Whether infused with classic kratom strains or blended with complementary flavors, kratom soda offers a convenient and discreet way to enhance well-being.

Introducing our No. 535 Kratom Soda, a fizzy drink crafted with full spectrum kratom alkaloids, featuring a refreshing orange zest. Packed into every 16 oz can is 85 mg of mitragynine, offering a substantial solution for kratom on the go. Enjoy these vegan sodas, available in convenient 4-packs.

2) Korthals Gooseberry

Another interesting addition to the world of kratom beverages is the Korthals gooseberry concoction. Named after the Dutch botanist who first documented kratom in the 19th century, this beverage connects you to kratom's rich history while offering a unique flavor profile. With hints of tartness and earthiness, Korthals gooseberry beverages provide a sophisticated twist on traditional kratom drinks.

Experience the exciting blend of taste and utility with our No 539 Kratom Seltzer. Packed with 75mg of full spectrum mitragynine in each 16oz can, this kratom beverage has a zesty Lemon Tea flavor. Tailored for individuals in search of a dynamic and hassle-free method to embrace the marvels of mitragynine, our Kratom Seltzer stands as a revolutionary option.

3) Kratom Coffee & Kratom Tea Drinks

For those who prefer their kratom with a kick of caffeine, kratom coffee has emerged as a popular choice. Blending the well-being effects of kratom, these kratom beverages may offer a good experience. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, kratom coffee provides a convenient way to start your day, offering wellness.

Made with full spectrum kratom alkaloids and a refreshing lemon twist, our Kratom Cold Brew Tea embodies an earthy essence. Available in three distinct strains – No 533 White Maeng Da, No 559 Red Maeng Da, and No 542 Green Maeng Da – our cold brew teas come in convenient packs of three 16oz bottles. Each bottle delivers three servings, offering a delightful fusion of Kratom iced tea flavor and function.

4) Kratom Liquid Extract

In the quest for convenience, kratom liquid extracts have become increasingly popular among enthusiasts. These strong formulations pack all the benefits of kratom into a concentrated liquid form. Whether tried with your favorite kratom beverage, kratom liquid extract offers a convenient and discreet way to experience the full spectrum of kratom's effects.

Discover unparalleled Kratom quality with our exclusive Korthal Collection No. 546 Kratom Elixir. Each 15ml bottle contains 50mg of mitragynine, ensuring a premium experience. Expertly crafted to deliver sheer delight, this elixir offers two servings per bottle, each at 7.5ml. 

5) Kratom & Kava Tonic

Kratom tonics represent a harmonious blend of traditional herbal remedies with modern mixology. Infused with kratom and a variety of complementary herbs and botanicals, these tonics offer well-being. Whether enjoyed as a standalone elixir or made into cocktails, kratom tonics provide a versatile and customizable option for those seeking well-being.

While not exclusively kratom-based, kava tonics deserve mention for their synergistic potential when combined with kratom. Kava, a traditional Polynesian beverage known for its calming effects.

Explore Korthals Collection No. 560 Kratom & Kava Tonic: a delightful coconut-infused sparkling beverage crafted with extracts of kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea. These refreshing tonics are alcohol-free, naturally flavored, and formulated to support various desired effects.

Now Kratom kava drinks are available in convenient packs: opt for a 3-Pack of your favorite strain or indulge in our Sampler Pack featuring a variety of strains.

Choose from our three options:

  1. Korthals Collection No. 560 Mixed Red Kratom & Kava Tonic: Experience well-being with each 2oz. can have 65mg of mitragynine and 400mg of kava.

  2. Korthals Collection No. 530 Mixed Green Kratom & Kava Tonic: Embrace wellness with each 2oz. can deliver 65mg of mitragynine and 400mg of kava.

  3. Korthals Collection No. 590 Mixed White Kratom & Kava Tonic: Enhance well-being with each 2oz. can contain 65mg of mitragynine and 400mg of kava.

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6) Kava Seltzer

Kava Seltzer combines the soothing properties of kava root with the refreshing effervescence of seltzer water, creating a unique kratom beverage experience. Kava, known for its calming effects, has originated from Pacific Island cultures for centuries. Now, with Kava Seltzer, you can enjoy the well-being benefits of kava.

A) Discover Korthal's Collection No 501 Kava Seltzer, a delightful fizzy drink crafted from the finest ingredients. Infused with extracts of kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf, these beverages are designed to enhance well-being, all without a drop of alcohol.

Each 12oz. can pack a punch with 250mg of kava root extract, ensuring a blissful experience in every sip. Available in convenient packs of four, indulge in the rejuvenating flavors of Citrus Hibiscus or Summer Melon. Embrace the goodness guilt-free with our vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and sugar-refined-free formula.

B) Introducing the 505 Kava Seltzer, a fizzy drink crafted with kavalactones (the key component in kava root) and ashwagandha. Designed to elevate wellness, each 16oz can packs 150mg of kavalactones alongside 300mg of ashwagandha. Enjoy its gentle hops and orange notes for a refreshing taste. Available in convenient 4-pack bundles.

Kratom Beverages: Ensure Quality through Testing 

Lab testing is pivotal for production entities and vendors to uphold product safety, quality, and batch consistency. This comprehensive examination screens for pathogens, heavy metals, and assesses alkaloid content and other critical features.

Ingredient Integrity 

Scrutinizing ingredient lists is imperative, as some kratom products may harbor excessive heavy metals, preservatives, or other harmful additives. Verifying ingredients ensures the enjoyment of kratom while maintaining quality and safety standards. 

Are You Looking For Delightful Kratom Beverage?

Yes, then discover the ultimate fusion of wellness and refreshment with the Korthals Collection. Elevate your well-being with our exclusive line of premium Kratom beverages. Whether you prefer the fizz of kratom soda, the sophistication of Korthals gooseberry, or the comfort of kratom coffee, there's a kratom beverage to suit every taste and occasion. So why wait? Unlock the magic of kratom today and embark on a journey of well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is kratom legal to prefer as a beverage?

The legality of kratom beverages varies by country and region. In some places, it's fully legal, while in others, it may be subject to restrictions or outright bans. Always check local laws before preferring them.

2) Where can I find reliable information about the legality of kratom in my area?

To find reliable information about the legality of kratom in your area, you can follow AKA advocacy kratom organizations for updates.

3) Are there age restrictions for purchasing kratom beverages?

Just like with alcohol or tobacco, there may be age restrictions for purchasing kratom beverages in some areas. These restrictions aim to prevent and ensure public safety.